GoBuds True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  • $ 4999
  • Save $ 5000

The Acesori GoBuds are Bluetooth earbuds without the wires; a true wireless audio design. Each earbud fits securely into your ears while providing clear, rich audio and strong deep bass. The GoBuds connect via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or other device in 3 easy steps. Each earbud charges from the included battery case which stores upto an additional 13 hours of listening time. Also included are rubberized sport clips, 8-Pin charging cable, carrying case and bag clip.

True Wireless Design With No Cables.

  • Truely Wireless - No cables from ear-to-ear
  • Rich Audio - Speaker drivers individually tuned
  • Integrated Sound Chambers - Deliver deep bass directly around the ear
  • Bluetooth 4.2 - Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, MAC and more with upto a 30ft range (12m)
  • 3-Step Setup - Simplified Bluetooth setup process
  • Battery Case - Portable case stores and charges the GoBuds
  • Long Listening Time - Upto 2 hours plus an additional 13 hours stored in the battery case
  • Mic and Controls - Built-in microphone plus integrated control buttons can play/pause music and answer/end calls
  • Sports Clips - Attachable small and large rubber clips provide an even more secure fit
  • 8-Pin Charging Cable - Included cable can charge the battery case
  • Travel Case - Portable case holds and protects the GoBuds, cable and clips

Support & FAQ Info

Detailed instruction guide : PDF

Q : Can I purchase an extra battery case?

A : Yes, we make the GoBuds battery case available for sale from this product page: Click Here

Q : How do I pair the GoBuds to my Bluetooth device?

A : Place both GoBuds in-ear then PRESS & HOLD the Function Button on both GoBuds until you hear “Power On”. Once you hear “Connected”, go to your devices Bluetooth Settings page & select “Acesori GoBuds”.

Q : Do the GoBuds automatically turn off when inserted into the battery case?

A : Yes, once the GoBuds are placed in the battery case they will turn off and start charging.

Q : Can I skip music tracks with the control button?

A : Yes, a long hold of either control button will skip to the next song.

Q : Can I take phone calls with the GoBuds?

A : Yes, the right earbud is also designed to take phone calls with its built-in microphone.

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