LensClip Plus Smartphone Clip-On Lens Kit

  • $ 3999
  • Save $ 1000

The Acesori LensClip Plus is the easiest way to add amazing DSLR-like effects to a standard smartphone camera. The universal clip-on design is made to work with the newest phone and tablet releases from manufactures like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, additional Android brands and more. Once you find the perfect shot, attach the lens that will enhance your photo, easily guide the clip onto the phone and take the shot with the added effect. Included are: Super Wide Angle Lens, giving you even more of the surrounding environment in one shot; Fisheye Lens, adding a cool 180* effect to your subject; Macro Lens, unleashing the power of a magnifying glass to your photos like never before. Each lens is made from a durable aluminum metal body and high quality HD glass. The kit also includes lens covers that will protect the front and back of each lens assembly and a carrying pouch that doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Now compatible with all Apple portable devices including iPhone X/8/7/6, iPad Pro/Air, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro/Air.

  • Interchangeable - Each metal lens can quickly be attached to the clip by screwing on and off
  • Universal Clip - Both included clips are easy to open and operate
  • Guide Comfortably - The parts of the clips that touch the phone are padded with soft rubber and easily guided to center the lenses
  • Shoot Quickly - The fast application process ensures you never miss the perfect shot no matter which lens you choose
  • Multiple Effects - Each included lens offers its own amazing photo effect; a useful wide angle shot, a unique fisheye effect and a close up magnifying macro shot
  • Clear Glass - The front and back of each lens is made from High Quality HD Glass ensuring that each photo is clearly focused with astonishing color accuracy
  • Aluminum Housing - The premium metal finish of the lens body adds to the build quality and reliability of the LensClip
  • A Complete Kit - Included in the kit are lens covers that will keep the glass protected and a carrying pouch for easy transport that also doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Fisheye 180* - Captures a full 180 degree view in all directions. Perfect for action sports, traveling and moving target photos and videos
  • Super Wide Angle 0.4x - Capture up to 50% wider shots than traditional smartphone cameras. Perfect for real estate professionals taking images of a property, wide family photos or large party portraits
  • Macro 10x - Take close up photos of subjects up to 1 inch away. Perfect for nature photography, small objects and any super close up shots

Support & FAQ Info

Detailed instruction guide : PDF

Q : What is the difference between the LensClip and LensClip Plus?

A : The LensClip comes with a 0.65x Wide Angle lens while the LensClip Plus comes with a 0.4x Super Wide Angle lens. The Super Wide Angle lens will generate a wider shot when taking photos.

Q : I only see 2 lenses in the kit. Where is the Macro lens?

A : When you open the box you will actually see what appears to be only 2 lenses. However the 3rd lens, the Macro lens, is actually attached to the Fish Eye lens. You may separate them by simply turning the lens counter clockwise as you would a light bulb. When you are ready to use it as a Fish Eye lens, simply screw the lens back on.

Q : Why can't I get the Macro lens to focus?

A : The Macro lens is made to magnify the subject at a close distance. When using the Macro lens, the optimal distance is between 0.4 - 0.8 inches from the subject. Moving the lens closer will help with focusing.

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