Wireless Charging Stand with Pen Holder

  • $ 5999
  • Save $ 4000

The Acesori Wireless Charging Stand Pro is a perfect 2-in-1 charging accessory that fits on any table or desk. The 2-in-1 device features a wireless charging stand and a convenient holder for your desktop items. Place your phone on the 10W wireless charging stand while the holder can fit your pens, scissors, stylus, glasses & more. The body is made from a premium PU material, with exposed stitching, that feels nice to the touch and fits perfectly on any table or desk. The wireless charger is powered by the built-in USB Type-C port, the newest generation connector.

Wireless Charging Stand with Pen Holder

  • Wireless Charging - Fast 10W wireless charging stand
  • Desk Items Holder - Built-in holder can fit various desk items like pens, glasses, scissors & more
  • Premium Finish - Quality PU material, in a cross pattern, holds your phone securely while also feeling premium to the touch
  • Status Light - LED light shows the status of wireless charging
  • USB Type-C - Input port utilizes the newest generation connector, USB Type-C
  • Universal - Wireless charging compatible with: Apple iPhone 8, 12 & newer generations; Samsung Galaxy S6, Note5 & newer generations; other devices with built-in wireless charging
  • Input: Up to 2 Amps & Output: Up to 1.2 Amp
  • Includes: Stand Pro, USB Type-C cable & user guide
  • Dimensions: 4.4” x 6.9” x 3.1”

Support & FAQ Info

Q : How do I know if my device is charging wirelessly?

A : The status light will turn Blue once your device has started wirelessly charging.

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