Smartphone LensKit

  • $ 4999

The Acesori LensKit is a nifty way to add different lens capabilities to your smartphone camera. How can you add the functionality of 3 additional lenses to your phone? Simply attach the magnetic ring included directly onto your phone, around the camera lens. Since the included lenses are magnetic themselves, they are drawn to these rings on the phone and attach securely. That's it. The three lenses included are a fish eye, wide angle and macro lens.

When the lens is no longer needed on the phone or needs to be swapped out for another included lens, simply pop it off and replace. It's a simple and elegant process.

How do we make sure the lenses don't get lost or damaged? That has also been made simple with the included magnetic lanyards and lens caps. Also included is a micro fiber cloth to keep your lenses clean.

  • (1) Fish eye lens
  • (1) Wide-angle lens
  • (1) Macro lens (attachable to wide-angle lens)
  • Lanyard for each lens includes magnetic plate
  • Lens cover for each lens
  • Broadens the range of Smartphone cameras
  • High-quality glass lenses
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Attaches to phone via magnetic ring (included)
  • Easily detaches and reattaches by magnets

Support & FAQ Info

Detailed instruction guide : PDF

Q : I only see 2 lenses in the kit. Where is the macro lens?

A : When you open the box you will actually see what appears to be only 2 lenses. However the 3rd lens, the macro lens, is actually attached to the wide angle lens. You may separate them by simply turning the lens counter clock wise as you would a light bulb. When you are ready to use it as a wide-angle lens, simply screw the lens back on.

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